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"Terror Toons" (2002) reviewed on Sunday, April 24th, 2011.

TECHNICAL INFO: Color, Running Time: 80:58


In a quiet suburban neighborhood, two sisters are about to experience the dark and sinister world of Terror Toons. Candy and Cindy's parents have traveled out of town for the weekend leaving the two sisters home alone. Cindy receives a mysterious package in the mail with a free DVD cartoon sent to her by the Devil himself. Candy is having a house party with some firends while Cindy views the cartoon in her room. She unintentionally lets loose two homicidal cartoon characters, Dr. Carnage and Max Assasin. They are out of the cartoon dimension and into the world as we know it. The feindish characters talk, torment and kill the partygoers in wild and kooky cartoon traditions. Cindy is the only one who has the power to stop the demented animations from continuing their insane murder spree. Can she save her friends? Can she save herself from the crazy mayhem?....or will everyone die?

Review (SPOILERS):

The movie starts out with a guy strapped to a table being killed by a cartoon character named Dr. Carnage. After that, we go to a house with two girls named Cindy and Candy. Their parents are going out of town and later Cindy and her friend Amy invite two of their guy friends (Rick and Eddie) to come over. Candy receives a free DVD cartoon in the mail and watches it in her room and when she falls asleep, two murderous cartoon characters (Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin) escape from the cartoon and they come into the real world and wreak havoc in the house. Cindy and her friends have to fight the two cartoon characters and later on, she is eventually brought to Hell and meets Satan and he tells her why he created the two cartoon characters. After that, she turns into a superheroine and wants to fight Satan, but instead, he brings her back to the real world and Cindy discovers a DVD printing machine in the house and tries to destroy it but Max Assassin gets to her first and she eventually kills him and also Dr. Carnage too. Later on, her parents come home and discover the house a mess and Cindy holding a dead Candy on the floor. After that, a boy receives a packaage in the mail and we find out it is a "Terror Toons" DVD...

Special Features:

-Photo Gallery

-Trailers (Hell's Highway, Coven, House that Screamed 2, Hellinger, Zombie Chronicles, Blood Sisters, Carange: The Legend of Quiltface and Terror Toons)


-Behind the Scenes

-Special Effects


Overall Impression/Final Thoughts & My Content Rating:

Overall, this is a good movie to watch with beer and popcorn because it's cheesy and has bad acting. Not a lot of people liked this movie, but it was above average for me. I give "Terror Toons" a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

My content rating

V+ for bloody violence and gore

S for some nudity

DISTRIBUTED BY: Brain Damage Films

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